Insane Ramblings of an Overaged Fangirl

Jan 27

Thanfiction, who is muchly awesome, made my Cas tree topper for me lil old fandom tree. Daunt drew the little Sam and Dean, and the Impala. I stole them off her blog. So give her the love for them. The big Cas, can’t remember where he came from. As you can see, there’s pie, pizza, takeout, and a cheeseburger. Hiding around the back of the tree is a beer and some whiskey. There’s lights made out of shotgun (winchesters bitches!!) shells. lots of raven’s stuff too. I <3 my fandom tree!!

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    Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins3 Dec I want that to be what it says on my tombstone, “He was top of the christmas tree.”
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    'Tis the season to reblog my awesome fandom tree with my Cas tree topper that Andy made me the first time we hung out...