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I am taking a tumblr break for an hour to do something. Back in a bit.

If you are staying up or waiting for a resolution to the current situation on LSW, it’s not coming tonight. 

Anonymous asked: There's this couple at my school, so this one guy is afraid to dye his hair blue but he really really wants to, so his boyfriend goes ahead and dyes his hair pink just so he wouldn't have to be "embarrassed alone." pls pls



I went wayyyy overboard with this one but I LOVED IT

Anonymous asked: i cant believe you, WHAT'S HAPPENING, IS DEAN OKAY, OMG YOU'RE JUST, GAHHH


Anonymous asked: You know, when I saw you were doing a Fullhouse AU, I thought, great! This'll be a nice, fluffy, fun little ask blog. WRONG. SO WRONG. OMG I THOUGHT IT WAS INTENSE WHEN IT WAS JUST LUCY AND DEAN'S MENTAL HEALTH AND NOW AGGHHH I CAN'T TAKE THE SUSPENSE YOU ARE BRILLIANT I HATE YOU (I love you)




Yo, people! Me and supernaturallynoble are going to Baltimore on Saturday, y’know, home of Painted Angels?

If you’d like a postcard from my fair, fair city, please send your address to!

All postcards will be sent in character by someone featured in PA, so be sure to specify who you want to write to you, and yes, I’ll send worldwide!

Just to clarify, I’d love to send these with a Baltimore postmark versus a Virginia one, so please let me know by Thursday! You can send your address to my tumblr inbox as well, and no one will see your address but me.

One last clarification- they will be in character as they were in PA. So any character from the fic!